Meet OrangeNote.™

OrangeNote™ is a free WPF-based text clipping manager for Windows that allows you to store an unlimited number of fully-indexed and taggable text clippings in its database and pull them up at any time with a quick full-text search. You can assign clippings custom hotkeys and paste them into any running program, so commonly-typed things (like an address or bank card number) become as quick as a single keystroke!

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Auto-save means your text data is sure to be safe. Upgrade to Pro and even synchronize notes across computers.

Color your notes to suit your mood, or make important notes stand out. Note text auto-sizes according to how much you type.

Assign notes whatever key combos you desire and use them to instantly paste notes into other applications. Editor's Pick

Recommended system requirements: Microsoft Windows® XP or Vista with .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and 512 MB RAM.
For the Mac version, please click the Mac logo above to be taken to the original OrangeNote site.