Fully indexed. Fully handy.

A full-text index means instant retrieval and as-you-type results. No more scouring your hard disk for the famous Lost Text File. Plus, the ability to quicky insert text clippings into any application using custom key combos is great for email, web forms, customer service, developers, gamers, you name it!

OrangeNote even keeps a fully automatic history of all clipboard activity on your computer (without slowing it down) so you can keep track of everything you’ve copied. Click an icon beside a previous clipping to instantly set it as the active clipboard, or use one of the 10 built-in hotkeys for pasting previous copies.

OrangeNote works great as a text backup utility, too. For example, if you’re writing out a lengthy reply or post to a web page and want to make sure you don’t accidentally lose what you’ve written (it’s happened to me!), just copy it to the clipboard! It's as simple as that—OrangeNote will make sure a copy of it is kept safe and sound in its index. Each time you copy, a new note will be created so you can never accidentally “copy over” the text on the clipboard.

As long as OrangeNote is running, you’ll never lose a piece of text again!